Raul Gutierrez

    BRIT Research Associate

    Ph.D. in Plant Biology, Arizona State University
    M.S. in Biology, University of Texas at El Paso
    B.S. in Biology, University of Notre Dame

    Raul started in plant systematics by studying the evolutionary history of the family Martyniaceae (order Lamiales), commonly known as the North American devil’s claw. After graduate school, Raul joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency in the Wetlands Section of the Ecosystems Protection Branch, where he works with the Clean Water Act Section 404 program. After 5 years in Dallas, Raul relocated to New Orleans to continue working on wetlands issues in southern Louisiana. Raul still gets out often to collect plants, where his main interest still lies in plants of West Texas.


    Phone: 480.612.1188
    E-Mail: Gutierrez.raul@epa.gov