Karen C. Hall, Ph.D.

    Applied Ecologist

    Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Clemson University
    M.S. in Botany, Clemson University
    B.S. in Biology, Western Carolina University

    The bluebonnet is Karen Hall’s first recollection of a wildflower, from early life in San Antonio, Texas. However, most of her formative years were spent in the mountains of North Carolina, living with parents and grandparents in a house her grandfather designed. After high school, she was a musician, later gaining experience in the business world, both in the sales and manufacturing segments. Realizing how much she had learned about plants from her mother and grandmother, she later returned to college.

    While completing her Ph.D., she also taught basic botany, environmental science, seminar, and ethnobotany courses. Involving her students, other faculty, Cherokee people, and garden staff in the process, she developed the Cherokee Worldview Garden within the South Carolina Botanical Gardens. In 2006, working for Clemson’s Cooperative Extension Service, she developed the South Carolina Master Naturalist program for the state, and in 2009 she was also named the State Coordinator for the SC Master Gardener program. She is currently the local Applied Ecologist with the Botanical Research Institute of Texas where she is focused on research of the local landscape and outreach.  

    Previous research interests include traditional knowledge of medicinal plants and how that knowledge is structured, managed, and transferred to future generations. Her current research interests are viewed through the lens of ethnobotany and ethnoecology. She is particularly interested in how people find meaning and connections to nature and place.


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    Fax: 817.332.4112
    E-Mail: khall@brit.org

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