Culinary Herbal Infusions

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Event Date

March 3, 2018, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Food, Health, and Wellness

Point of Contact

Laura Northern Venhaus

Director of the Libraries and Research Public Engagement

Join us in the BRIT classroom and learn the basic techniques for infusing natural herbs in oil, vinegar, and honey. Make a natural infusion in class, and discover how to use infusions for culinary, household, and personal use. Take home basic recipes to expand your knowledge and skills of this fun and easy culinary craft.

Instructor Cassie Burgess is a lifelong lover of nature and plants, but herbs have always been a favorite focus. Recently, she has become fascinated by their usefulness in cooking, cleaning, and personal care. Burgess is currently studying to become an entrepreneurial herbalist, and spends lots of quality study time at the BRIT Library, expanding her knowledge of the herbal world.

This class will meet in the Classroom at BRIT.

Please note: this class is SOLD OUT.

About Food, Health, and Wellness

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