Worm Composting

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Event Date

November 4, 2017, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Horticulture and Gardening

Point of Contact

Laura Northern Venhaus

Director of the Libraries and Research Public Engagement

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Discover why you should consider vermicomposting, and learn how you can convert your household waste to soil fertility.  Discover where you should set up worm bins, how to setup and care for worm bins, and how to harvest your finished product. Learn about the beneficial microbes in living vermicompost and how they restore soil health.  Discover how to utilize worm castings as an affordable garden amendment to improve your chances for organic garden and landscaping success.  

Instructor: Heather Rinaldi grew up in the farm and ranch lands of Northern Oklahoma.  Heather opened Texas Worm Ranch in 2008.  The mission of Texas Worm Ranch is to educate and empower healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.  It is Heather's belief that we can use safe, sustainable and non-toxic products and practices that will restore soils and make a healthier planet.  She is a speaker for Mother Earth News Fair and Texas Worm Ranch was awarded the GreenSource DFW Sustainable Leadership Award for Small Business in 2016.

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About Horticulture and Gardening

As community leaders in plant based knowledge and education, BRIT and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden are pleased to partner with experts in the fields of horticulture and gardening to provide the public with opportunities to expand their knowledge of the plant world through a variety of classes and workshops. 

These half and full day classes and workshops will take place on the BRIT campus, at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, and in the field. Please check the individual event announcements for further details.