Event Date

January 10 - February 14, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Art at BRIT

Program Information

Free to the public.

Point of Contact

Erin Starr White

Community Education Manager

Please join us for the rescheduled Reception Friday, January 24 (6 – 8 pm); Gallery talk with the artists at 7 pm

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas is proud to host an exhibition of paintings by Fort Worth-based artists, Dennis and Daniel Blagg. Subjective Terrain showcases the grandeur of the Texas landscape through two unique artistic visions. Both contemporary landscape painters, Dennis Blagg paints the Big Bend region of West Texas and Daniel Blagg captures predominantly urban landscapes. Both painters look to the rich tradition of landscape painting for inspiration, while adding their concern for the safeguarding of the land that inspires them. 

Dennis Blagg’s painted vistas of the remote mountain desert of Big Bend, void of human presence, pulse with the vibrancy of mountains, flora, clouds, and sunlight. Due to the harsh climate of his chosen muse, he paints from photographs; an undeniable sense of place emerges from his canvases, at once subjective and universal. Daniel Blagg’s compositions of large-scale, old-fashioned neon signs set against sweeping views of open land and sky elicit curiosity – what is this place and what happened here? These vast, and by turns foreboding and sublime, views of the Texas landscape call to mind the relationship between humans and their environment. The viewer is left to make sense of just what that relationship might be. What has humankind subjected its environment to, and what stories do we tell ourselves about it?

Daniel Blagg, Fatherland, 2017, oil on panel, 24" x 48"

About Art at BRIT

Art at BRIT offers two distinctive art viewing spaces: the elegant Madeline R. Samples Exhibit Hall and the smaller, more intimate Upper Atrium Collections Gallery. The Samples Exhibit Hall showcases botanical art and artwork dealing with topics such as ecology, plants, sustainability, conservation, and the natural world – we highlight work by local and national artists, both well-known and emerging. The Upper Atrium Collections Gallery features a rotation of botanical and nature-based prints from our Library collection, including The Arader Natural History Collection of Art. We honor and celebrate the traditional roots of botanical art, while also expanding and redefining the field for the 21st century.