FWBG Staff Visit BRIT Library

October 11, 2019

FWBF Staff visit BRIT Library.
FWBF Staff from left Raelynn Asher, Sam Scarborough, Iris Cervantes, and Tyler Cobbs as well as BRIT Library volunteer Valerie Daniels (in the background).

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the Library early this morning and found among the Library's stacks several fellow FWBG staff reading books and milling about scanning the shelves. In an effort to escape the unusually frigid fall rain and with a particular interest in seeing the collection, they came inside BRIT to the Library. I was so delighted at seeing them using the Library that I offered to give them a tour, showed them how to use the Library's online catalogue, as well as help them locate specific books of interest.

Now that the rainy season has begun, as the BRIT Librarian I want to invite all FWBG staff to visit the Library when the weather is less than ideal for working on the grounds throughout the Garden. Within our collection we have books and journals on botany as well as horticulture. With upwards of 100,000 volumes, which include floras, monographs, periodicals, and more, the Library's Collection has something for everyone, including those with a particular fondness for plants and the planet.

For further questions, please contact Brandy Watts by email at bwatts@brit.org or by phone at 817-463-4102.

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