Flora of Virginia

    by Alan S. Weakley, J. Christopher Ludwig, and John F. Townsend

    ISBN-13: 978-1-889878-38-6

    Publication Date: November 2012
    2nd printing with corrections: December 2013
    Copyright © Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project Inc.

    Specifications: 7.5"×10.5" (hbk), approx. 1572 pp., 1400 b/w figs.


    About the Book

    Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project Inc. and Botanical Research Institute of Texas Press have collaborated to publish the Flora of Virginia, the first formal update to the state's flora since 1762!

    Flora of Virginia describes approximately 3,200 taxa in 200 families and features 1,400 captioned, scaled, and botanically accurate illustrations. Introductory material includes essays on the natural history and vegetation of Virginia and a historical account of botanical exploration in the state, as well as a key to the vascular plant families represented in the Flora. A glossary, bibliography, and comprehensive index are also provided.

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