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Friday, November 3

Emerging Artists: All Saints' Episcopal School

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All Saints’ Episcopal School of Fort Worth is delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the artistic works of our Upper School, Middle School and Lower School art students, photography students, alumni, and art educators at BRIT in the Madeline R. Samples Exhibit Hall from November 3 – December 15, 2017. The art pieces express botanical subject matter in a variety of styles, including Photorealism, Impressionism, and Abstraction. Works will reflect a wide range of media, including pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic and encaustic.

The All Saints’ Episcopal School of Fort Worth’s Visual Arts Program aims to motivate students to explore essential questions, which will result in developing and expanding visual perception, aesthetic awareness, historic perspective, artistic skills and techniques and critical thinking practices. Through a sequential, developmental curriculum alignment, emphasizing critical thinking, students have the opportunity to learn and analyze works of art while gaining the skills of fine artisanship. The overall objective is for students to emerge with refined technical skills, a well-informed appreciation of the expression of others, and confidence to cultivate art reflecting their artistic visions.

Saturday, November 4

Worm Composting

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$25 per person / BRIT Membership save $5

Discover why you should consider vermicomposting, and learn how you can convert your household waste to soil fertility.  Discover where you should set up worm bins, how to setup and care for worm bins, and how to harvest your finished product. Learn about the beneficial microbes in living vermicompost and how they restore soil health.  Discover how to utilize worm castings as an affordable garden amendment to improve your chances for organic garden and landscaping success.  

Instructor: Heather Rinaldi grew up in the farm and ranch lands of Northern Oklahoma.  Heather opened Texas Worm Ranch in 2008.  The mission of Texas Worm Ranch is to educate and empower healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.  It is Heather's belief that we can use safe, sustainable and non-toxic products and practices that will restore soils and make a healthier planet.  She is a speaker for Mother Earth News Fair and Texas Worm Ranch was awarded the GreenSource DFW Sustainable Leadership Award for Small Business in 2016.

Please note: online registration for this class will close on Thursday, November 2. 

Bella's Saturday Story Time

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Join Bella the Begonia at BRIT for this free family story time in the Burke Children’s Library followed by side-by-side indoor and/or outdoor learning activities on BRIT's prairie and inside "The Treehouse" classroom. 

Grasses: The Rodney Dangerfield of the Vascular Plant World

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$10 per person / BRIT Membership save 50%

Grasses, often the most common plants in any given landscape, are also some of the most overlooked and misunderstood members of the plant world. Grasses, however, are what makes the prairie a prairie, they are an essential component of savannas, and they even occupy the understory of woodlands and forests.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the world of grasses that are found in the prairies, savannas, and woodlands of North Texas. The focus will be on field identification of grasses by their distinguishing physical characteristics. It will include an overview of basic terminology related to the parts of the grass plant, a brief discussion of taxonomic classification, discussion of the significance of various grass species, their potential values, and the ecosystem services they provide.  

Please note: This class is SOLD OUT 

Tuesday, November 7

The Amazing World of Lichens

Dr. Taylor Quedensley, BRIT Research Botanist

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Lichen-forming fungi play a major role in the biodiversity of most terrestrial ecosystems on every continent. These symbiotic entities represent a wide ecological breadth and phylogenetic evidence supports several lichenization events that have occurred over evolutionary time. The natural history and current trends within this diverse group will be discussed. 

Wednesday, November 15

Shinners Society Annual Celebration

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Chairman Greg Bird and the Board of Directors of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas cordially invite Shinners Society Members to attend the nineteenth annual celebration.

WHEN: 15 November 2017, Eleven O'clock in the morning

WHERE: BRIT, 1700 University Drive 

WHAT: Brunch provided by Local Foods Kitchen

RSVP: Tammie Crole by November 1

If you would like more information on leaving your own Legacy and joining the Shinners Society of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) and help protect BRIT's future, please contact BRIT's VP of Development, Cleve Lancaster at 817.332.6657 or email Tammie Crole


Monday, November 20

Inventology: How We Dream Up Things That Change the World

Pagan Kennedy

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A father cleans up after his toddler and imagines a cup that won't spill. An engineer watches people using walkie-talkies and has an idea. A doctor figures out how to deliver patients to the operating room before they die.