Saturday, June 1

Botanical Hand Lettering

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Join us for this special hands-on workshop that will cover the basics of hand-lettering and introduce a variety of delightful botanical borders, flourishes, and embellishments. We’ll use both medieval sources, such as the Book of Kells and some Books of Hours, as well as modern sources for inspiration. Tuition includes one hand lettering pen and pre-cut hot-press water color paper to complete in-class projects.

Instructor Mary DeChellis is a professional calligrapher and hand letterer in the D/FW area. A creative writer at heart, she received a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Tennessee and post-graduate Teaching Certificate from the State of Texas. In 2008 she discovered a different kind of writing, calligraphy, and since then has studied under some of today’s best calligraphers as a part of the vibrant Fort Worth Calligraphers Guild. In 2018, she was named a winner in the Graceful Envelope Contest for which her entry is currently on display in the National Association of Letter Carriers headquarters building in Washington, D.C. Mary combines her experience in teaching with her knowledge of calligraphy and her enthusiasm for creative expression through artistic hand lettering to create a one-of-a-kind classroom experience.

Please note: This class will be held at BRIT.

$40 members/$45 non-members

Flower Pounding

Printing fabric with natural elements.

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Create a lovely piece of art on prepared fabric using the natural pigments from flowers and leaves that you'll harvest from the BRIT campus.  Gardeners can preserve the colors of summer or a special flower while reliving some stress!

Instructor Nancy Curl has been a Tarrant County Master Gardener since 2007. She has served on the board of the TCMGA for 4 years and as president for 2 years. She was named Tarrant County Master Gardener of the Year and State Master Gardener of the Year, large counties in 2012.

As a Greenhouse, Oak Wilt, Propagation, and Rain Water Harvesting Advanced Trainer, she teaches gardening and garden- related topics at the Botanic Garden, TCC, Home & Garden shows, the Union Gospel Mission and garden clubs. She is the Education Coordinator for the TCMGA and the Water Works Learning Center at the Resource Connection of Tarrant County and she volunteers as a docent at the Botanic Garden Japanese Garden, Butterflies in the Garden, and with the BG/BRIT GROW Education Series.

Please note: This class will be held at BRIT.

$30 members/$35 non-members


Organic Pests and Diseases

Identification and Eradication

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Join us for this day long workshop and you’ll learn how to identify common garden pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Learn how to identify the root causes of common problems and the best steps to take to fix these problems. With the help of a microscope, students will examine their own garden soil under a microscope. They'll learn how to test plant material with a refractometer and how to use different sprayers. 

Instructors Kim Martin and Laurie Bostic, owners of Barking Cat Farm, focus on growing high quality crops in an organic and sustainable manner. Brix testing is done regularly to monitor the nutritional quality of the produce and compost and compost teas are applied to the soil to ensure that soil biology is constantly improving. Both Laurie & Kim have their Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Design Course. Both have studied under Dr. Elaine Ingham and are working towards becoming Certified Soil Life Consultants. They offer permaculture design and soil biology consulting services to other growers and gardeners.

Please note: This class will be held at BRIT.

$75 members/$85 non-members

Tuesday, June 4

Meet the Researchers

BRIT Research Staff

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What makes the BRIT Researchers tick? How did they develop an interest in botany, and how did they end up here? Find out at this very special presentation! Members of the BRIT Research staff will give a series of five-minute "lightning talks" about how they got started in science and what their current job entails. There will be time for questions and answers after.

Saturday, June 15

Propagation of Ferns

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Join Agnes Slociak Knasiak for a hands-on class which will explore the unusual way in which ferns propagate, as they bear no flowers or seed pods. You will probe into this very primitive process of plant sexual reproduction.  You will take home pots ready to bring the mystery of spore reproduction into its full glory and will have several new ferns to add to your plant collection.

Instructor Agnieszka Slociak Knasiak, has degrees from two universities in Europe including a PhD in Horticulture. During her doctoral study in Wroclaw, Poland she took special classes for “The Art of Floral Design.” She creates the flower designs each year for the Japanese Garden Festivals. She also designs arrangements for special events in Botanic Garden such as birthday parties, anniversaries, funerals, holidays tables, etc. She is currently a Greenhouse Attendant at the Botanic Garden.

Please note: This class will be held at the FWBG.

$20 members/$25 non-members

Monday, June 17

Becoming Native to this Place

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From "In six compelling essays, Wes Jackson lays the foundation for a new farming economy grounded in nature’s principles. Exploding the tenets of industrial agriculture, Jackson, a respected advocate for sustainable practices and the founder of The Land Institute, seeks to integrate food production with nature in a way that sustains both."

Monday, July 22

Orchid Fever

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From "The acclaimed author of Motoring with Mohammed brings us a compelling adventure into the remarkable world of the orchid and the impossibly bizarre array of international characters who dedicate their lives to it."

Monday, September 16

The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder

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From "The universal appeal of Laura Ingalls Wilder springs from a life lived in partnership with the land, on farms she and her family settled across the Northeast and Midwest. In this revealing exploration of Wilder’s deep connection with the natural world, Marta McDowell follows the wagon trail of the beloved Little House series. You’ll learn details about Wilder’s life and inspirations, pinpoint the Ingalls and Wilder homestead claims on authentic archival maps, and learn to grow the plants and vegetables featured in the series. Excerpts from Wilder’s books, letters, and diaries bring to light her profound appreciation for the landscapes at the heart of her world. Featuring the beloved illustrations by Helen Sewell and Garth Williams, plus hundreds of historic and contemporary photographs, The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder is a treasure that honors Laura’s wild and beautiful life." 

Monday, October 21

The Forest Unseen

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From "In this wholly original book, biologist David Haskell uses a one- square-meter patch of old-growth Tennessee forest as a window onto the entire natural world. Visiting it almost daily for one year to trace nature's path through the seasons, he brings the forest and its inhabitants to vivid life."

Monday, November 18

The Overstory

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"New York Times Bestseller
Shortlisted for the 2018 Man Booker Prize
One of the Washington Post‘s 10 Best Books of 2018 and Time's 10 Best Fiction Books of 2018
Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2018

A monumental novel about trees and people by one of our most "prodigiously talented" (The New York Times Book Review) novelists."