Our Approach

Our Approach


Green Revolution's Nexus for Community GROWTH
Green Revolution's Nexus for Community GROWTH

Green Revolution Nexus

Since its inception, Green Revolution has been an environmental leadership platform focused on increasing environmental stewardship and building STEM skills. Green Revolution’s aim has since evolved to embody the Green Revolution Nexus, which utilizes nature and science in the environment as a vehicle to expose youth to formative experiences that advance personal development, civic engagement, and spark constructive curiosity towards environmental stewardship. This shift in approach allows for a broader impact on target communities by developing the underlying values necessary for a community to adapt in a complex and changing world. GR prepares students for public engagement as tomorrow’s leaders equipped to address 21st century problems, particularly environmental issues, as future community stakeholders. To do this, developing the whole-child for high citizenship, scholarship, stewardship, and service-based initiative is imperative for their future roles as community stakeholders. The GR platform achieves this by exposing Agents to the effect of 21st century issues on human and environmental health; provides hands-on, formative experiences to the impact of literacy, learning, and leadership on current environmental issues; and develops values, character, and civic duty for Agents.

The GR platform is a multi-year, tiered curriculum that caters to the whole-child. The impetus to develop Agents of Change is achieved through: mentoring and motivating youth to own their opportunities; actively engaging the tenets of environmental scholarship, stewardship, and service; providing developmental and appropriately challenging learning experiences; and cultivating a contagiously deliberate value system of GROWTH (grit, responsibility, outdoors, wellbeing, teamwork, and hope).

GR has key competencies that are routed in its steadfast belief that growing self, grows the community:


  • Connection Advancement - Engage Agents in targeted mentoring to improve: self-esteem, efficacy, positive identity, sense of personal worth, and aide in socio-emotional development.
  • Capability Capacity – Engage Agents in a triangulated (ESTEM, out-of-school time, and positive youth-development), best-practice based, curriculum designed to enhance learning, build academic skills, increase ESTEM awareness, and grow the whole-child.
  • 21st Century Skill Accumulation - Advance skill level of each Agent in the areas of science, technology, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision- making.


  • Citizenship Fitness - Engage Agents in value and character development to promote leadership acumen, social and civic responsibility to ultimately increase competence and confidence in Agent’s ability to make a difference.
  • Career Awareness - Expand Agents interest and aptitude for potential careers in the environment science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Community Connectedness - Engage Agents in service learning to: introduce and increase sensitivity to major environmental issues; model concern for welfare of others in broader community; and encourage the consideration of different options and perspectives within diverse populations engendering cultural respect and appreciation.

Green Revolution provides environmental education experiences that sustain the natural curiosity in youth through the following components of the GR Platform: After School Gatherings; Experience Saturdays; Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) and Lead Agent Leadership Academy; Facilitator Training; Growing Our Community Service Projects; and Experience Summer Camp.

After School Gatherings

Green Revolution Agents and facilitators meet once a week after school for 1.5 hours to provide the structure and support for students to develop character while investigating environmental stewardship issues that face our community. During this time, Agents are guided through activities that are aligned with math and science state (TEKS) and national (NSTA) standards and best-practices established in extensive research on STEM, environmental education, PYD, and OST programming. The after-school component of the GR Platform develops values, character, and civic duty for Agents by:

  • Delivering the GR value-system, GROWTH (grit, responsibility, outdoors, well-being, teamwork, and hope)
  • Providing hands-on, environmental education experiences to the impact of literacy, learning, and leadership
  • Exposing Agents to the impacts of 21st century issues on human and environmental health in their community.

Experience Saturdays

Central to Green Revolution’s approach is the importance of increasing student’s experience and exposure related to ESTEM, GROWTH opportunities, and service. BRIT guides Agents through ten Experience Saturdays that afford Agents the opportunity to develop their scientific field and stewardship skills during these ESTEM Experiences as they work together to improve the environmental health of the community. Through these Experience Saturdays, Agents can apply and expand upon concepts and experiences gathered during after school activities. Experience Saturdays prepare students for citizenship, scholarship, stewardship, and service as tomorrow’s leaders equipped to problem solve and engage the 21st century environmental issues.

Pre-Alumni Council and Lead Agent Leadership Academy

The Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) is an GR executive leadership opportunity aimed at transitioning Lead Agents, 8th grade leaders-in-training, into executive-level leadership positions that will further enhance their leadership experiences in support of college admission competitiveness. The PAC serves as a decision-making board for Green Revolution, which enhances individual leadership acumen and prepares Agents for the responsibilities of board membership service in future education and civic experiences. The Annual PAC and Lead Agent Leadership Academy is an opportunity filled with critical thinking, leadership development, and GROWTH education designed to challenge these GR leaders to self-reflect and collaborate as a team.

Facilitator Professional Development

Facilitators are vital to the implementation of the GR Platform. Facilitators receive in-depth annual training on GR Platform/Curriculum and the best practices in ESTEM pedagogy, positive youth development, and out-of-school time programing with the BRIT Education team.

Growing Our Community Service Projects

All Agents, Facilitators, GROWTH Partners, and other community members come together during Spring Break for this annual week of service to complete a series of service learning projects that address community needs. This is an opportunity for Agents to experience the power of community and the collective impact of working together towards GROWTH. This week offers an opportunity for Agents to give back to their community for increasing literacy, learning, and stewardship in nature and science.

Experience Summer Camp

Agents meeting participation requirements (based on attendance and GROWTH service hours) come together during the summer for an annual camp to utilize their growth during the academic year and discover opportunities to share their growth with others through teamwork. Green Revolution Facilitators participate in all camp activities in tandem with Agents, Lead Agents, and the PAC to solve challenge-based problems that require them to work in communities to solve novel problems.

Growing Self. Growing Community.

By teaching our students to be Agents of Change; mentoring and motivating them to own their opportunities; providing formative environmental education experiences and learning challenges; and by admonishing them to embrace GROWTH, we are cultivating a culture that growing self, grows the community.