We Dig Plants @ BRIT: WeDigBio 2016

    Join us in liberating scientific data from specimens deposited in collections around the world! You can participate from anywhere, at any time.

    We will be concentrating our efforts over a 4 day period, October 20-23, as we participate in the 2016 WeDigBio event, joining universities, museums and other institutions around the world in a concerted effort to transcribe the scientific information found on specimen labels. You’ll need a computer and a connection to the internet to participate.

    Please considering registering to join us:

    • Friday, October 21st, from 9am to 1pm @ BRIT in Fort Worth, Texas
    • Saturday, October 22nd, from 9am to 1pm @ BRIT in Fort Worth, Texas
    • Virtually, anytime


    Register here to receive additional details about the event and to ensure space for onsite events.


    More details:

    • Free event, with registration
    • Free parking ( for the onsite events
    • Meet some of the BRIT botanists and talk about plants!
    • Behind-the-scenes tours of the herbarium collections
    • Free plant identifications
    • Games and light snacks
    • Questions?

    The BRIT expeditions have now started and you can join in!

    Please first create an account at Notes From Nature ( then log in and go to the plants expeditions and select one of the two BRIT expeditions, or you can come back to this page and go directly to either of the following:

    Delve into the history of Texas botany (1800s - 2000s) through an eclectic mix of plants, including members of the Apocynaceae, Euphorbiaceae and Betulaceae.

    Scratch That Itch - Plants that Cause Dermatitis
    Leave that calamine lotion on the shelf and get up-close and personal with plants that make your skin itch! From the VDB collection at BRIT.