Event Date

January 6 - February 17, 2017



Program Information

Free to the public.

Point of Contact

Laura Northern Venhaus

Community Education Manager

Peace. Beauty. Light.

Three aspects that Texas artist Rebecca Zook consciously incorporates into her acrylic paintings. Though she portrays a variety of subjects, natural landscapes are a personal favorite. As a native Texan, she grew up with an appreciation of the unique beauty that Texas offers. Viewers often comment that they feel as if they could step into her paintings; as if the frame were a window to another world.

The Texas sky also holds great fascination for Rebecca. She has photographed clouds for close to 10 years, amassing a huge collection of source material, with the intent of creating a series of paintings based on them. She finally began that project in late 2015.

“If you stop and watch the sky for any length of time, you realize how quickly it transforms itself. Clouds spring to life, change shape and dissipate right before your eyes. Sunrises and sunsets are the most dramatic. Almost second by second the colors grow and fade. My paintings capture one brief moment of that perpetually changing beauty.”

About Exhibits

Botanical art plays an important role at BRIT and we are fortunate to have two exhibit spaces, the elegant Madeline R. Samples Exhibit Hall and the intimate Welcome Center Gallery, in which to display a variety of art from both well-known and emerging local artists. BRIT joins with the rest of the Fort Worth visual arts community twice a year and participates in spring and fall Gallery Nights.

Interested in exhibiting at BRIT? Please see our submission guidelines here.