Open Science Network in Ethnobiology (OSN)

The Open Science Network in Ethnobiology (OSN) is a project that is coordinated by the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and funded by the National Science Foundation. OSN has been leading a worldwide collaboration of ethnobiology educators as they continue to exchange and enrich educational techniques, materials, and experiences.

This Network champions open educational resources, and uses the latest web technologies to encourage the creation, management, and sharing of educational tools, as well as curriculum for traditional and non-traditional classrooms. Ethnobiological teaching resources have been made openly available by researchers and educators based at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Frostburg State University, University of South Carolina, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and University of Kent, among others.

Please visit the OSN website, to learn more about this unique network and explore the modules, curriculum, and resources posted.


Upcoming OSN Events

Participating in Open Science Network

OSN Board Meeting

On August 3-5, the OSN Board will be gathering for the annual meeting at the BRIT facility.


Open Science Network Support

The primary support for the Open Science Network in Ethnobiology has come from the many individuals who have contributed their time, ideas, and links to this effort.

We have also have major support, both financial and institutional, from the National Science Foundation, the Society for Economic Botany, and the University of Hawai`i as well as BRIT.




The Ethnobiology Focus

Our focus is on the scientific discipline of ethnobiology or the study of the relationships between people and nature.


Submit Your Educational Resources

Would you like to contribute educational resources that will be shared on this site? We're excepting links to course syllabi, lesson plans for laboratory exercises, and many other kinds of resources. (Check out our existing resources for more ideas of what you can contribute to enhance this shared collection.)

The OSN Effort and How You Can Join

Interested in finding out more about us and our mission? Feel free to contact us for information on how to join.






Current Biodiversity Projects

Our researchers are currently involved with projects associated with Cider Apple Agrobiodiversity, Climate Change in Orchards / Vineyards, Biodiversity Informatics, and more.

Research Publications

This is a list of titles written by BRIT's research staff and research associates over the past five years.

Flora of the United States

BRIT researchers are examining flora of the southeastern United States, Texas, and in particular, the LBJ National Grasslands.