Access to the collection has been physically and intellectually improved. Physical access has been improved by shifting selected portions of the collection and working to reduce the backlog of duplicate books and journals that have accumulated over the years. Intellectual access has been enhanced by bringing together bibliographic information and merging that information into a combined database available to all. Bibliographic records from SMU’s catalog and from the OCLC Union Catalog were added to catalog records developed at BRIT. All of the cataloged material in BRIT’s collection is now in one database.

Access to the collection is provided by a computer-based catalog that can be searched at BRIT or in the comfort of your home over the internet ( The catalog uses the traditional author, title, and subject search keys. Nearly the entire botany library, with nearly 16,000 volumes, is currently available via the BRIT web page or through computers in-house. One may enter the BRIT web page, select Libraries, click on Search the Catalog, and have our catalog at your fingertips.

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