Botanical Art Collective

Point of Contact

Erin Starr White

Community Education Manager

The Botanical Art Collective (BAC) is a collaborative community of artists interested in sharing, exploring, and expanding both the traditional and contemporary practice of botanical art and illustration. BAC also welcomes individuals who might not consider themselves artists (yet!) but who are interested in supporting all aspects of botanical art, such as its history, educational value, scientific contributions, and aesthetics. 

Membership in the Botanical Art Collective of North Central Texas is free and open to all individuals interested in botanical art. We encourage BAC members to become members of the American Society of Botanical Artists if they are not already.

To become a member, please contact Denis Benjamin, Resident Research Associate at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, at or join our Facebook community at Botanical Art Collective of North Central Texas.

BAC general meetings and open studio events are free to the public. Special events and classes, which will take place throughout the year, may have a charge.

Fig Tree Canopy by Owen Curtsinger.