Erika Huddleston: Prairie


Artist Erika Huddleston’s large-scale paintings take nature as their subject, specifically nature in urban settings. Her abstractions of the natural world stem from an interest in landscape architecture; she looks at how people use outdoor space and is particularly interested in better understanding how perceiving changing natural processes in an urban park setting can affect human psychology.  Painting for long hours in park “urban wilderness” settings in cities around the world provides the means to stay onsite for longer periods of time for analysis and observation beyond a brief site walk. Painting provides a complimentary data-collection counterpart to digital mappings of landscapes and is a tactic for recording temporal change which is traditionally considered difficult to depict in plan. And, painting outdoors without an image or photograph is a welcome face-to-face interaction amidst my habits of texting and other digital interfaces. All work is painted life-size and drawn and painted as seen from a sitting position in the landscape– whether a small flower or large branches.

This exhibition of new work features canvases painted on our Prairie during the autumn of 2021.

Huddleston has a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture and a BA in Fine Arts. She has made bodies of work recording Shoal Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas, the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas, Waco Creek in Waco, Texas, and the Ramble in Central Park in New York City.

We thank for Artspace 111 sponsoring Huddleston’s prairie painting.




Jan 27 2022 - May 13 2022


10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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