Licensed Irrigator

The Licensed Irrigator is responsible for all irrigating opportunities, from designing irrigation systems to installing, maintaining, and repairing irrigation systems in accordance with local and state regulations. This position is also responsible for keeping a log of all Botanic Garden irrigation installations, renovations, and repairs.

Principal Responsibilities/Duties/Functions/Tasks
  • Develops work plans and schedules for the provision of services in the assigned area.
  • Supervises work of unskilled personnel as appropriate.
  • Maintains service records of all repairs and materials used, prepares daily log of work performed and repairs made.
  • Prepares weekly reports of repairs and special projects and submits to supervisor.
  • Establishes and follows a preventative maintenance schedule for equipment; inspects and cleans tools daily.
  • Maintains inventory of parts and tools and orders supplies according to established procedures.
  • Employs safe work practices and follows safety guidelines.
  • Establish inventory needs and stock needed parts and materials.
  • Enters manholes to service power distribution lines, pumps, and flow transmitters.
  • Responsible for keeping truck stocked with materials and maintaining stock at sufficient level for any emergency repairs.
  • Operates a handheld radio and uses appropriate radio language required.
  • Inspect irrigation systems and perform responsible repair and maintenance.
  • Manages computerized irrigation controllers; programs and repairs as needed.
  • Troubleshoot systems: drip irrigation, micro irrigation, and turf irrigation.
  • Perform irrigation auditing and water usage to comply with restrictions.
  • Schedule and keep records of watering times per zone, per area.
  • Monitor water usage and communicate issues to appropriate personnel regarding repairs or other irrigation opportunities.
  • Install and repair backflow devices as needed and required.
  • Control and test cross connections in accordance with local and state requirements.
  • Fill out required paperwork and keep records of cross connections tested.
  • Test and record information regarding installed backflow devices for each irrigation system; submit annual records as required.
  • Tests rain/freeze sensors on an annual basis.
  • Maintains test equipment.
  • Maintains service records of all repairs and materials used.
  • Maintains a safe working area while using heavy equipment including identifying area under repair with caution tape, cones, and other methods of restricting unauthorized access.
  • Assists with traffic control as needed: blocking roads with cones, trucks, lights, etc.; report incidents and any traffic related information such as flooded areas, roads needing repairs, etc..
  • Maintains vendor information and contacts for reference; develops effective working relationships with vendors.
  • Trains new individuals and staff working with irrigator on projects, repairs inspections of systems and other duties as required.
  • Water feature maintenance; skim pools and water features for debris; pump maintenance and repair; identify strainer locations and clean as required.
  • Calculates pesticide and fertilizer application rates; stores, distributes, cleans up, and disposes of chemicals appropriately.
Special Position Requirements
  • Valid Texas Class C Driver’s License
  • Licenses Irrigator (L1) as required by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers (BPAT) license as required by TCEQ to perform repairs and tests.
  • Pesticide Applicator License
  • Maintain certifications/license with continued education (24 hours every 3 years)
  • Satisfactory completion of confined entry training
  • Employee is required to undergo a physical exam to assess whether the person is able to perform the duties of the position with or without accommodation.
Required Education and Experience
  • HS Diploma/GED supplemented by specialized training in irrigation systems and two years of related experience.
  • Ability to operate heavy equipment including backhoe, trencher, mini excavator, tractor, boring machine, and wire tracer or valve locator.
  • Ability to drive and back up trucks with trailers, and teach others necessary skills to hook up trailers, back up trailers, and maintain lights on trailers.
  • Knowledge of small engine equipment with ability to train others on usage of equipment.
  • Experience training employees and communicating irrigation needs.
  • Experience performing irrigation audits and determining best irrigation practices.
  • Experience repairing irrigation systems including visually inspecting to determine repairs needed and estimating system downtime during repairs.
  • Computer competency and experience with various work-related program software skills including Outlook and Excel.
  • Experience using Excel for inventory data entry and tracking.
  • Experience locating, purchasing, and documenting materials’ purchases.

FWBG|BRIT strives to maintain a positive working environment focused on growth and success of individuals, working together in a collaborative, professional manner, with communication a priority. To apply, please submit an application (and/or resume) and a cover letter as a single document to: Applications will be considered until the position is filled. FWBG|BRIT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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