Library Current Exhibitions

Current Library Exhibitions

BRIT Library has ongoing exhibitions on view in the Upper Atrium Collections Gallery and the Library, which highlight the Library’s Arader Natural History Collection of Art and rare materials from the Library’s Special Collections and Rare Book Room. The Library also oversees installations on current BRIT Research Programs in the Upper Atrium Research Gallery.

June – December, 2021

BRIT Library and the Upper Atrium Collections Gallery

Plantarum Succulentarum Historia

A selection from Pierre-Joseph Redoute’s Plantarum Succulentarum Historia, also titled Histoire des Plantes Grasses, is now on view in the BRIT Library and Upper Atrium Collections Gallery. This exhibition presents Redoute’s exquisit cactus and succulent stipple engravings with original hand color on paper from the Arader Natural History Collection of Art, highlighting cactus and succulents across BRIT collections and inspiring viewers to visit the FWBG Cactus Garden!

Pierre-Joseph Redoute (1759 – 1840) was a botanist as well as a painter. Having originated from Belgium, he was the official court painter at Versailles for Marie Antoinette as well as Empress Josephine at Malmaison and was widely known as an exceptional and unmatched botanical illustrator. He is best known for his stipple engravings with original hand color in Les Roses, Les Liliacees, as well as Plantarum Succulentarum Historia, also titled Histoire des Plantes Grasses. BRIT Library & Special Collections, Arader Natural History Collection of Art

Upper Atrium Research Gallery 

Auxiliary Collections at the BRIT Herbarium

A single collecting event can result in multiple derivative specimens and auxiliary collections, such as fruit, wood, slide, seed, and photographs. It is the goal of curators and biodiversity informaticians to connect these various resources in a way that is meaningful to our study of an organism. At BRIT, our herbarium is complemented by a collection of over 16,000 microscope slides, along with over 5,000 light micrographs and scanning electron micrographs of pollen.  This auxiliary collection enriches botanical studies and adds value to our collection as a resource for research and education. BRIT Herbarium

Building Blocks: Enhancing Connections for Botanical Research

This exhibit, which dovetails nicely with Sean Kennedy’s Nature Connects now on view at FWBG, was developed by BRIT Research Botanist Morgan Gostel, Ph.D as a metaphor to communicate about what researchers do here at BRIT. Every plant that is collected for study has its own story. These are stories of collaboration, conservation, discovery, and education from the field, the laboratory, and the herbarium. Bringing these stories to a wider audience is a big part of what drives our work at BRIT and as our mission states: we seek to conserve our natural heritage by deepening our knowledge of the plant world and achieving public understanding of the value plants bring to life. Building Blocks seeks to connect with all audiences – young and old – through dioramas and photographs that capture our research stories. We hope this exhibit builds connections for our visitors that inspire awareness and fascination for the diversity of plants in our world. BRIT Research

Hidden Gardens of the BRIT Herbarium

A closer look at eight common bryophytes of the Dallas-Fort Worth area by BRIT Research Associate Charles Gardner. BRIT Herbarium

Research Team

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