Membership FAQs

No. Adults and/or children of your choosing can be on a membership together with one mailing and email address.

No. You don’t have to provide all names, but the primary member must be listed at the time of purchase. If you choose to name the 2nd adult, that adult and primary member will receive membership cards. If no 2nd adult name is listed, only the primary member will receive a membership card. The number of guests per visit for each membership level is as follows:

  • Access - Admits 2 adults and children per visit. 
  • Family – Admits 2 adults and children per visit. 
  • Supporter – Admits 2 adults and children per visit.
  • Patron – Admits 3 adults and children per visit. 
  • Affiliate – Admits 4 adults and children per visit. 
  • Sustainer – Admits 4 adults and children per visit. 

You can add up to 2 named adults and children with a Family to Sustainer level membership if they haven’t been previously added. If names are already on the account, then the names cannot be changed while the membership is active.

As long as children 18 and under are listed on a Family to Sustainer level membership, they will not need a membership card to gain entry into the Garden. Please note children 15 and under require adult supervision. All children under 5 years old will be free regardless of membership.

Guest passes are Supporter-level benefits. These are one-time use passes that gain admission into the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, including the Japanese Garden.

Access memberships are a $30 yearly membership available for recipients of Lonestar, SNAP, WIC, Medicaid or Museums4All. Benefits reflect the Family membership level. To become a member at the Access level, contact the membership office or visit the FWBG | BRIT admissions desk.

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) is a 501(c)(3) organization with tax-exempt status.

Memberships are partially tax-deductible at Patron, Affiliate, and Sustainer-level memberships. For Access to Affiliate, goods or services valued at $100.00 have been provided. For Sustainer-level memberships, goods or services valued at $226.00 have been provided. The amount of the membership contribution in excess of the value of goods and services received is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

If considering a grant from donor-advised funds to cover annual membership fees, a donor may either waive all tangible benefits or use a personal source to pay the entire membership value. Please consult your donor-advised fund manager, tax advisors, and/or legal counsel. 

Some other garden memberships will get you admission to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens but, no discounts on events, gift shops, invites and other Fort Worth Botanic Garden and BRIT member benefits qualify.

The Fort Worth Public Library offers passes to allow library users to visit the Fort Worth Botanic Garden at no charge. The passes can be checked out from a library for one week of free admission for two adults with children 17 and younger that reside in the same household. Contact your local Fort Worth Library for more information.

After April 1, 2019 a separate membership to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and BRIT is necessary to gain Garden and BRIT benefits. If you want more information about your Society membership, contact the Fort Worth Botanical Society office at (817) 392-5548.


Point of Contact

Katherine Campbell

Director of Membership

Phone: (817) 332-7518


Emma Bruce

Membership Coordinator

Phone: (817) 546-8691